Windshield Repair Versus Windshield Replacement

A common question at our collision repair shops is whether windshield repair costs less than windshield replacement. If it can be repaired, the answer is yes—assuming you get it into the shop soon, before the damage spreads and before dirt gets into it.

Windshield repair can cut your costs by up to 80 percent compared to auto glass replacement, when it’s feasible. Here are some of the types of damage that can usually be repaired for around $50 (compared to a couple hundred or a few hundred dollars for auto glass replacement):

  • Quarter-sized rock chips
  • Cracks up to 12 inches long
  • Star breaks (cracks radiating from a central point)
  • Bulls eyes and partial bulls eyes (circular or semicircular damaged caused by a round object)
  • Crack chips and dings (single crack the size of a quarter)
  • Pits (small piece of glass missing).

More severe damage—or a crack near the edge of the glass typically requires a windshield replacement, but every situation is different. Part of the technician’s job is to make sure the repair doesn’t obstruct your vision or weaken the windshield. But when auto glass repair is an option, it’s a great way to avoid the high cost of a windshield replacement.