How to Wax a Car and Other Tips to Protect Your Car Paint Job

Of course, the first tip I’ll offer is to shop around before you get a new car paint job. The best protection begins with quality auto paint applied by qualified technicians with state of the art equipment. It also helps everyone if the paint is environmentally sustainable. We do all these things at Auto Craft, so please keep us on your radar when you need help. But on to the tips:

  1. Park in the Right Place

Park your car in the shade or in a garage to prevent fading and damage from the sun. A garage also protects the car from hail and other weather damage. If you can’t keep your car in an enclosed space—or at least in the shade—use a car cover to protect the paint.

  1. Keep Extra Car Paint

Keep a matching touch-up paint to fix any minor nicks or scratches when you first notice them. This seals the area from moisture and keeps the spot from getting bigger.

  1. Wash it!
    1. Wash your car regularly to keep dust to a minimum (dust can scratch the paint during washing, especially if it’s really stuck).
    2. Use a high quality car detergent that won’t remove the wax (dishwashing detergents do this, leaving the paint unprotected).
  2. Wax it!
    Wax your vehicle every couple of months for the best overall protection. It doesn’t take long, and that little bit of work will preserve the paint by creating a protective barrier against bird droppings, sap and pollution. Use a high-quality wax – liquid wax may be easier to apply, but paste wax lasts longer.How to wax a car:

    1. Work in the shade, rather than direct sunlight.
    2. Use painter’s tape to protect the trim.
    3. Apply a thin, even coat with a damp sponge – don’t use too much or it can build up and dull the finish.
    4. Remove the wax with a clean, soft cloth, being careful not to push any visible dust around, which can cause scratches.
    5. Apply a second coat to the vehicle’s front and hood, then remove it again. These areas take a lot more wear during normal driving.

Hope that helps! Be sure to give me a call anytime you have questions about car waxing, car paint or collision repair.

Best regards,

Paul Blissett
Auto Craft Collision Repair