Does Your Vehicle Damage Estimate Seem High? Get a Second Opinion.

Just like any good doctor, trained auto body professionals are experienced and have worked for a long time to learn the latest methods of fine tuning a precision machine – whether it’s the human body or your family minivan. But also just like with any doctor, that specific training may lead to a diagnosis you’re not completely satisfied with. So, when you’ve received a vehicle damage estimate there’s no reason you can’t ask for a second opinion. In fact, it’s your right.

That’s right. Just because you get an initial bill of health on your baby from a claim adjuster assigned by your insurance company, it’s not always right and can sometimes overlook damage that runs deeper than the surface. Or maybe they’ve over-estimated the damage, leading to an inflated claim. You want to get it right, so never be afraid to insist on flexing your rights of second opinion.

So, where do you start? The best place might be to talk to people you trust or shop around on the web to get opinions on the best body repair shops. Maybe see if they offer great tools like an easy-to-use online body shop cost estimator. Keep in mind that many insurance companies are going to have rules about using dealerships, so once you pick your preferred body shop, be sure to run it through your insurance company.

Many times, the first assessment gets it right. But nobody knows your car better than you. So if you think something’s off, call in another professional team to ease your mind. Accepting that initial claim can lead to trouble down the road if they missed deep internal issues that may not be as obvious upon first inspection. You don’t want to be held liable for paying out of pocket for those major problems in six months if your insurance is responsible for fixing the minor damages today.

 Once you’ve surveyed nearby body shops, asked all the right questions, and landed on a name you can trust, don’t hesitate to insist on the best shop option for getting your car back in tip-top shape. You are your vehicle’s best advocate and just like any good patient, it pays to be informed and get the best care you can find. All you have to do is ask.