How to Stay Safe When You Have Car Trouble

We love cars, of course. But cars are not always our friends. When your vehicle breaks down, it's not the coolest time to be a car owner, but a few tips can keep you safe and make the situation easier to deal with. Here are some helpful hints:

First, get out of traffic, if you can.

Most car trouble--even bad car trouble--gives you time to coast to the side of the road, if you keep your wits about you. Try to stay calm and pull off to the side, to keep yourself and other drivers safe. If coasting doesn't get you there, sometimes you can push the vehicle to get it and yourself out of harms way.

Stay in the vehicle until it's safe to get out.

At Auto Craft Collision Repair, we've heard more than our fair share of stories about people who panicked after their vehicle ran into trouble and got hit as they were getting out of the vehicle. Again, keep your wits about you!

Call for assistance. Yeah, okay, this is mostly a no-brainer, but the sooner you can get a tow--and maybe law enforcement on the way, the sooner you'll be safe. Do this before calling family or friends to tell them about the trouble.

Turn on your hazard lights and put out flares or caution flashers if you have them. This alerts other drivers, and may even help you hail a police officer who happens by.

Don't try to fix it on the spot. This is almost never the safest thing to do, even though it's normal to want to solve the problem. Again, get yourself and your vehicle out of harm's way first and foremost.

And, of course, find the right professional to repair the car, when you're away from the roadside and out of trouble--same with mechanical problems as it is the collision repair--do your homework.

Hope that helps! Stay safe out there!