Body and Paint Shop Services

Photo detail of sports car promoting Auto Craft’s body and paint shop services.

Photo detail of sports car promoting Auto Craft’s body and paint shop services.

Auto body work has more than one meaning these days because technology has come so far in recent years. There used to be one basic approach to vehicle dent repair, for example, which meant filling the dent with putty, sanding it, buffing it, and repainting. But now we have paintless dent repair (PDR), which is a process of coaxing the dent back into its original shape without damaging the paint—a big time and money saver for you. We used to replace every damaged windshield, but now we have techniques for filling small chips and cracks with a high-tech epoxy that matches the original optical quality of the windshield. For more serious vehicle body damage, we still rely on traditional methods of filling, painting, frame repair and engine part replacement, but the equipment we use has improved and the paints we apply are eco-friendly. So nowadays, when we talk about body and paint shop services, it can mean anything from fast, low-cost repairs to more sophisticated techniques that bring a badly damaged car or truck back to beautiful condition.

We’ve also invested in specialized equipment to work on new aluminum vehicle bodies, which are emerging from several manufacturers. Aluminum is, pound-per-pound, stronger than steel, so it’s great for towing applications, and its lightness improves fuel efficiency. But working aluminum is much more difficult than working steel. It requires different tools and longs hours of specialized training and practice. If you have one of these cool, new vehicles, Auto Craft has you covered.

On our Services pages we explain the processes we use to beautify vehicles, their advantages, and whether they apply to the type of vehicle damage you have. There’s additional information on our auto shop blog, as well as tips on safe driving technique, to help you avoid needing our services at all. For in-depth information about working with a body shop, check out our Complete Guide to Auto Collision Repair on the Car Care Mania blog.

Safe Driving is Our Mission

Photo of teen driver using safe driving habits.

Photo of teen driver using safe driving habits.

When you take your vehicle in for body work, you want it to be structurally sound and look great when you get it back—that’s a no-brainer—and Auto Craft has a reputation for stunning results. But we’re also dedicated to teaching people how to be better drivers. In addition to our onsite blog, Auto Craft is a regular contributor to the Car Care Mania collision repair blog, where we share lifesaving, professional driving tips, basic car care tutorials and in-depth information about everything from car insurance terminology, to how to know if your car is a total loss after an accident, to detailing and waxing tips.

We also produce public service announcements for television and internet to remind drivers of basic driving safety information like turn signal use, blind spots and how to calculate safe stopping distance.

Watch safe driving videos from Auto Craft.

Auto Paint and Body Expertise

Photo of auto paint and body work in progress.

Photo of auto paint and body work in progress.

Auto Craft has earned a reputation for straight talk and the best body repair workmanship in Tulsa, Wichita, Andover and Junction City because we believe in turning difficult times into positive experiences. Our staff is skilled, certified and friendly, and our reviews show it


  “Great service and the job was done right the first time.” –Scott Kibler


 “Great work very nice people and great service.”—  Joe D


“Their customer service is phenomenal, and they always fix our cars quickly. Not to mention, they fix cars well! They are always dependable and trustworthy.” –Jessica Johnson


“Todd was awesome! He understood what i was going through, told me his honest opinion about my car, did the things i asked him to do and didn't mind me calling everyday to see what was up! Thanks Todd for putting a little bit of sunshine in this nightmare I'm going through!” –AJ Spain


Quick friendly service! Very professional. Kept me informed of progress and I received my car back super clean! I have recommended them to everyone I know!” –Korene Chandler


Speedy service and very professional. Highly recommend them. Paul is very energetic!” – Jessica Mendoza


" Friendly staff, eager to go the extra mile for a customer. Have always been pleased with their work." – Holly Yip


" Very friendly and helpful. I can't even tell there was damage done." – Tony Tiller


When you need a body shop in Tulsa, Wichita, Andover or Junction City, give us a call. Or use our online estimate tool to get the body work estimate process moving even faster. Click the green button at the top of this page to try it.