Often Forgotten Rules Of The Road

You would think that the people running an auto collision repair center would wish people sometimes forgot the rules of the road, but that isn’t the case. We have to drive the roads of Wichita as well, and sometimes we see things that aren’t too safe.

It seems like when we first drove, we knew all of the rules of the road, down to the little things that wouldn’t even be necessary in Wichita – now, as we have grown and driven more than a few thousand hours, some of those simple laws have slipped our minds, leading to an auto collision. There comes a time when we no longer rely on the rules learned during Driver’s Ed or from a book from the DMV, but instead from our experiences as a driver. However, those rules as still important to know because they are the foundation for the rules of the road, and because other people out there might still remember them.

As we get older and have driven for decades, it seems like we think we know it all about driving, and it isn’t until we start teaching someone else how to drive or find ourselves in an auto collision that we question ourselves and our habits.

There are many steps you can take to remain safe on the road, but none are more important than what we first learned all those years ago: knowing each and every rule like the back of your hand.

Here are some of the forgotten rules we see broken in Wichita every day:

Following distance

When you first started driving, at whatever age that was, this is a rule that you probably followed every time you took to the road – you always kept at least a car length between your car and the car in front of you. Of course you did this because you weren’t really sure how the brakes worked yet. But now something else happened: you aren’t leaving space between you and the car in front of you and without that space, you'll be more prone to an auto collision.

We see so many accidents where, if there had only been a few more feet of space, the damage would have been a lot less. Do yourself a favor and back up your car a bit, giving yourself more time to stop should you need to do so in an a hurry and more decision time. Remember that bigger vehicles like tractors or trucks need even more space behind them.

Proper use of the left lane

It seems like many people in Kansas believe the left lane of a highway is for nothing more than breaking the speed limit. But guess what? This is not the case – that is only a trademark of people who drive in a select few states.

You are only supposed to use this lane for passing others. Stay in the right lane whenever possible, following the speed limit, and you will find yourself enjoying a higher level of safety while the left lane stays open for those who want to live their lives on the edge.

Use turn signals

As important as it is to use turn signals every time, many people neglect to do so because they think no one is behind them, or they think it is an “assumed” turn. It is not because they forgot that they have turn signals, but instead because they are too lazy to use them. The failure to properly signal can increase the chance of an auto collision (with another car, a biker, or even a pedestrian).

Take this refresher course on Driver’s Ed and apply it to your own driving – not only will you be safer, but so will the roads of Wichita.

As always, if you have found yourself the victim of some forgotten laws, our Auto Collision Repair team will be here for any repairs needed.

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