Preventive Maintenance: Three Things To Never Overlook In Your Car

We want our vehicles to last as long as possible – to pass down to our children as their first car, to save a bit or money, or maybe to preserve the memories made while inside. As such, you might bring your car into the body shop every year for inspection, and if something is making a funny noise, you bring it in to have it checked out, or maybe you even take your car to be detailed every few months. However, are you doing enough to promise a long life? If you really want to have your vehicle last as long as possible, you will want to become familiar with the service intervals recommended by the manufacturer of your car. If you look around Wichita, KS you will see that there are some cars here that are very old, but still seem to be in great shape: that’s because people have used their ingenuity when taking care of their cars and done the legwork needed.

When it comes to preventative maintenance, there are many things you should be doing that you might not actually be doing. Here are things that should never be overlooked:

1. Regular oil changes

Once you know how often your vehicle’s oil should be changed, it is essential to keep on a regular schedule. This may be somewhat tedious, but it is one of the best things you can do to prolong the life of your vehicle. Don’t know when you car’s oil should be changed? Come chat with us down at the body shop and we will discuss it with you.

2. Fluid checks

While you might think this is only something that is done at a body shop by the inspection team – it is definitely something you will want to know. A great way to make sure you do this is to check them at a time when you already have the hood up – like when you are checking to see if the oil needs to be changed.

When was the last time you or someone in your family checked your antifreeze, coolant, or power steering fluids? If you can’t remember – it is probably time to check!

You might not think these fluids need to be changed all that often, and you could be right depending on how much you drive, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook the importance of checking from time to time. We have a tendency to drive a lot in Wichita, KS so we need to make sure the fluids aren’t going down faster than the “norm” for our vehicle.

3. Tires

There are not many things more dangerous than driving on a damaged or flattened tire, especially during the winter or colder seasons. Along with this, you never want to drive on the roads if your tires are worn down beyond an acceptable level. Not only are you risking a blowout in the middle of the street, which can lead to an accident and even death, but you will not be able to effectively tackle less than ideal road conditions, such as when it is raining or icy. In Driver’s Ed you probably learned the penny trick – if your treads aren’t touching Abe’s head, don’t drive!

When it comes to preventative maintenance in any car, these are three things you should never overlook or wait on. If you require any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at the Auto Craft Collision Repair Body Shop!