Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Sometimes called “paintless dent removal,” PDR can be a real money-saver, when it’s applicable to the type of damage you have. It also takes far less time than conventional collision repair methods, which puts you back in your vehicle sooner. Paintless dent repair preserves your existing vehicle paint, which is always preferable to the sand-fill-repaint techniques used in traditional body work because, although paint matching technology is better than ever before, new paint can fade differently over time than original paint, affecting your vehicle’s resale value.

To qualify for PDR, your auto body damage must have no breaks in the paint, no hard creases, and no deep dents. Like traditional body work, PDR involves a lot of craftsmanship to make your car look like new again, but it takes an entirely different approach in which the technician coaxes the damage back into shape without drilling, sanding, filling or painting. The good news is that works great for most door dings and hail damage.

How PDR Works

Paintless dent repair is fascinating to behold, almost like watching a metal sculptor at work. Auto Craft PDR technicians begin by assessing the dent’s location and size; this will influence which tools can be used to repair it. The location of the dent determines what kind of access the technician can gain to its back side, also affecting the techniques that can be used. They may have to remove interior panels, lights or body panels to get this access. Then the fun begins.

Special lighting fixtures project parallel lines of light across the exterior of the dent, allowing technicians to see precisely where to apply pressure on the back side. Then they choose the appropriate tools to begin massaging the dented area back to its original shape with taps and pushes of the tools at strategic points on the dent. They may also heat the dent slightly to make the paint more pliable.

Some PDR work is done by tapping on the outside of the dent with small, plastic punches at points that push the metal back to its original shape. Pretty amazing stuff, and it can often be completed the same day you bring the vehicle to us.

Check out the video above to see some of the tools used in this low-cost body work technique, then give us a call if you have small dings and dents that you didn’t think you could afford to fix. You may be pleasantly surprised at how much you can save on the cost of dent removal.