KWCH News Story

So happy that we could give back to our community! These firemen deserve it.
Here is what KWCH channel 12 had to say about it-

"The vandalism happened on Sept. 11. Hutchinson Fire Capt. Gerald Wiens found his truck and two others keyed, front to back.

"Kind of a strange day for something like to happen, I thought," Wiens said.

But then, Auto Paint Repair decided to help out.

"Just payback for the community," said Scott Raymond, manager of Auto Paint Repair. "You know, these guys will run into a burning building for us, so we owe them a little bit to help out and make sure they get undamaged and look right."

Workers got to sanding, priming, sealing, painting, polishing and finally detailing the three trucks. It was all done for free.

Auto Paint Repair's paint supplier donated the paint, too.

The crews say it was an easy decision because the firefighters deserve it.

"Just a small thanks that we can say to somebody and to a group of people that are willing to give it all to save us," Raymond said.

Auto Paint Repair delivered the fixed trucks to the firemen last week."

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