How Cool is Paintless Dent Repair

Have you seen this stuff, yet? Paintless dent repair/removal (PDR) is a marriage of innovative tools and mesmerizing craftsmanship. Watch our one-minute video, if you’ve never seen a technician at work.

PDR can also be a sweet alternative to traditional body repair for several practical reasons, but we’re talk about the cool parts, right now:

The Cool Parts of PDR

  1. Watching the technician tap his way around a dent is kind of hypnotic. It’s like watching a sculptor tap at a chunk of marble that gives no second chances. I don’t personally know how to do PDR, but there appears to be some kung fu involved.
  2. You keep cheering for the paint while you watch these guys work, thinking, “It’s gonna crack,” but it doesn’t. These guys are good … sometimes they heat the paint to increase its tensile strength (make it more bendy). That’s science, boys and girls. Science.
  3. Techie toys: they shine special lights onto the car body surface that make its smoothness visible to the naked eye within hundredths of an inch; you can see it on video, even if you don’t know anything about PDR. It looks kind of like the car is being scanned a by Federation vessel, which is also a plus.

Now the practical side:

  1. Paintless Dent Removal, sometimes called Paintless Dent Repair, can really, REALLY reduce repair costs with certain kinds of auto body damage.
  2. It’s faster than traditional body repair. Less time away from your ride, and less likely you’ll need a loaner vehicle.
  3. Doesn’t require fillers, which run the risk of aging differently (and visibly) compared to the original body material.
  4. PDR is eco-friendly. No vapors, no trips to the landfill. Hey, every little bit helps.

PDR isn’t an option for every situation. Really deep dents, hard creases, or already damaged paint require traditional collision repair techniques—these will always have their place. But when PDR is the right answer, you can spend a small fraction of the traditional repair cost and get like-new results in a very convenient amount of time.