Direct Repair Program

Direct Repair Program Means a Lifetime Guarantee on Body Work

Yes, a Direct Repair Program (DRP) really does give you a lifetime guarantee on body work, and there are other benefits, as well. Fewer calls, less hassle, and you don’t have to go on the dreaded “wild estimate chase” to provide your insurance company with three competing prices.

A DRP is a streamlined business arrangement made between insurance companies and reputable, high-end body shops. Paperwork is more automated than with the normal repair process, and the body shop acts as an estimator, so the insurance company saves on personnel costs. A DRP is easier for the body shop, too, because it takes insurance company approval processes out of the way and trusts that we know what we’re doing. But the best benefits are felt by the customer:

  • Work is guaranteed for life
  • No claims adjuster or negotiations
  • Guaranteed best price
  • Faster repairs

Ask you insurance representative if Auto Craft is on their Approved DRP Body Shop list. We probably are, and that means your life just got a lot simpler, next time you need a body shop.

But drive safely, and you may never need a body shop. Check out our advanced driving tips on this blog. Driving is one of the biggest responsibilities we take on in life; we might as well get really good at it.