Choosing the Right Collision Repair Shop in Tulsa

Auto Craft: the new collision repair shop on the block

Auto Craft may be one of the newest collision repair shops in Tulsa, but we’ve been a part of the Heartland for 40 years, now with five locations in Wichita and a deep connection to that community.

And now look! Cain’s Ballroom, the Tulsa Zoo, museums, parks—and all the great people! We’re making friends fast, and we look forward to doing our part in this beautiful city.

What we do

We hope you never have hail damage, a traffic accident or other vehicle mishap, but when bad luck strikes, we want to make the auto body repair process as painless as possible--and make your vehicle something you can be proud of again. From paintless dent repair to complete auto collision repair, we’re certified, experienced and eager to help.

Straight talk, always.

We’ve found that honesty is the best way to make friends, so we do our best to inform customers of all their options, and to make those options easy to understand. Here are some thoughts to start the conversation …

Choosing the right collision repair shop

A few basics:

  1. Are they certified and continuously educated?
    It’s amazing how fast technology is changing in our business—it’s great, actually: new paint chemistries, high-tech application techniques … even the basic tools and techniques are getting better all the time, which gives you a better product when you need body work. (We’ve actually heard customers say that their repaired cars looked better than before the damage occurred!) But only if the technicians are using these state-of-the-art resources.
  2. Do they look you in the eye?
    Yes, I believe this is a hugely important yardstick for anyone I do business with. You can sense a genuine person from their willingness to give good answers to sensible questions and provide clear options in tough situations. You’re usually going through enough stress when you need body work; the right collision repair specialist should make things easier, not harder.
  3. Do they understand the “ins and outs” of car insurance
    You may have more options than you think, in terms of parts costs, painting options and insurance coverage. A good collision repair specialist will help you make informed decisions.
  4. Are their parts prices competitive?
    I’ll be the first to say that bigger is not always better, but the reality is that a bigger collision repair company may have pricing advantages on parts simply because they buy a lot of them.
  5. Do they have a good reputation?
    Price is important to all of us, but the low bid is not always the best option. We’ve learned that the thing people want most after vehicle damage is to be able to drive that vehicle again with confidence in its integrity and appearance—helping to psychologically get past this “bump in the road.” Peace of mind is worth a few extra dollars, when you’re working with the right people. Ask around, check Facebook … find out what people are saying about the shops you’re considering.
  6. Do they warranty their work?
    Reputable shops offer warranties on both parts and labor. The minimum warranty—and I do mean minimum—is 12 months or 12,000 miles. Some shops offer a lifetime warranty (we do). This says a lot about the company’s confidence level because they don’t make money by doing the same job twice.

Ultimately, it’s about people

At Auto Craft, we do our best for you because it’s part of becoming members of the community. We treat you right because we may see you at a volunteerism project, or maybe at the mall or the State Fair. We’re happy to be here, making friends fast, and we look forward to meeting you, Tulsa. Let us know how we can help.

All the best,
JR Sartain

Auto Craft Collision Repair
Address: 5712 S. Garnett, Tulsa OK 74146
Phone #: 918-994-4242
Fax #: 918-994-4243 (fax)

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