Five Things To Do If Your Car Breaks Down

Every day in Wichita, you see someone along the side of the road experiencing some form of car trouble. For some of them it is because of a lack of maintenance, others because of accidents, and maybe even for others it is because of no fault of their own, just a freak problem. While you can protect against this with the proper maintenance schedule and a little bit of luck, even for us there is no way of guaranteeing that a breakdown will never occur. Here at Auto Craft Inc, we just want our customers to be as safe as possible when it comes to that unfortunate moment.

All you can do is give yourself the best resources possible to make sure yourself, your passengers, and your car is as safe as possible.

From your Auto Craft Inc team, here are five things you should do if you find yourself standing outside your car on the road:

  1. Remove your car from traffic or the path of traffic, if at all possible. Even if something goes terribly wrong with your vehicle and it shuts down, you should still be able to drive it to the shoulder of the road by coasting. Getting to the side of the road is the most important part for not only your safety, but the safety of everyone around your car. You don’t want to make matters worse by having a collision. If you can’t get your car to the side of the road by driving, and it is safe to push it, you may also want to do that.

Note from the experts at Auto Craft Inc: if this is not possible, do not get out of your vehicle until you are 100 percent sure you can do so in a safe manner.

  1. Call for help. We all have cell phones, so regardless of your situation, it is best to call for help as soon as it is safe for you to do so. From the police to a tow truck driver, decide who to call and then start dialing. Make sure you call someone who can help you with safety before calling someone in your family.
  2. Alert other drivers and pedestrians that you are in trouble. The use of hazard lights (four ways) is a good start to alerting drivers, but you may want to take things one step further by placing road flares 25 to 50 feet behind your vehicle. This will not only alert drivers to go around you, but if someone can help you or wants to stand with you, it is a red flag to them. Many police officers will also see flares before they receive the call, so you might even get help faster.
  3. Opt against a do-it-yourself repair. As tempting as it may be for you to pop the hood of your car and take a closer look, and as much as you think you may know about cars, this is not always the ideal time to do so. Your safety and the safety of everyone around you comes first, and attempting to make a repair on a crowded road is anything but safe. Your car may look okay, but only a professional like Auto Craft Inc will know what steps to take, and even they will do so with extreme caution until a reason for the break down is clear.
  4. Be patient. As frustrated as you may be because you want to get home or you are going to be late for work, you need to exercise patience with workers, other drivers, and yourself if your car breaks down. This will ensure everyone’s safety, while also giving you time to think through your situation and be able to describe it clearly.

Nobody wants to be stranded on the side of the road, but if you find your car broken down the five tips above can be of great assistance.

Need professional help? Auto Craft Inc experts are just a call away. Take a look at our list of locations and see which is nearest to your area.