Repairs Process

Repairs Process

What happens when you take your car in for auto body repair?

If you’ve never been in an accident, or had a car that needed significant repairs, that is the question you will no doubt ask yourself when the situation arises.  Here is a brief overview of Auto Craft’s process of getting your car fixed:


Phase 1:

Auto Body Repair Process Phase 1

  1. Estimate
    During estimates, the vehicle is inspected by one of our auto body repair professionals and the relevant data is entered into our computer systems. This data is compiled into an estimate that determines the cost of repairs.
  2. Insurance Approval
    We will then send the data over to the insurance company for reviews and negotiations. The insurance company may decide to total the car or move forward with repairs. If we are given the green light, we will start with the auto body repair process.
  3. Disassembly
    In disassembly, we will take the car apart and inspect if there are other collision damages. Often, we have to start the process over when we find new damages.


Phase 2:

Auto Body Repair Process Phase 2

  1. Order Parts
    Once we have the final approval, we order for any specialty parts. We cannot begin repairs until we have all of the structural parts.
  2. Structure Repair
    During Structure Repair, we take the body of your car back to factory specification. We use all of the latest technology to rebuild, repair, and analyze all parts of your vehicle including the frame.
  3. Body Repair
    The Auto Body Repair Specialists then replace all exterior panels and all metal finishing. Your vehicle will start to look like a car again with the application of sheet metal.


Phase 3:

Auto Body Repair Process Phase 3

  1. Painting
    Paint Preparation is a critical step in the refinishing process of every vehicle. We use the best paints and environmentally conscious methods to match the former glory of your car.
  2. Assembly
    Any final details are put back onto your vehicle so that it becomes wholly yours again. The vehicle is checked during the process as well. It is almost complete…but not quite yet.
  3. Detailing
    Before we return the car to you, it will be cleaned inside and outside and taken on a road test to make sure everything is working properly. We then go into a final inspection.

For more information on the auto body repair process, or if you want to avail of any of our services, visit our Schedule an Estimate page and choose which location you wish to contact, then send your message.