Auto Collision Repair Tip: Be Ready for UFOs

You’re tooling down a country highway one beautiful evening, doing maybe 60. Crickets sing in the field outside your open window. Not much traffic. You’re totally focused on the drive, as you should be.

Then you spot it: a flying saucer careens across the sky, moving toward the highway ahead of you at impossible speed.

You blink, rub your eyes, and look again. It’s real. Your first UFO.

The craft comes to an abrupt halt over the pavement a few hundred yards ahead. A white energy beam shoots downward to cast a pool of light on the road.

What do you do? (Not that we see a lot of this in the auto collision repair business, but as it happens, we do have some good advice for this situation.)

Advanced Distracted Driving Tip: You drive. You ignore that silly alien thing for long enough to look in your rearview mirrors, double check your blind spots, monitor traffic around you, use your turn signal, and pull safely to the side of the road.

That’s right; in the face of alien abduction, keep driving with all your attention. Don’t worry about anything else until you pull safely to the side of the road. Driving is a full-time job, whether a spider lands on your face, a scantly clad hottie passes on the sidewalk, your child gets sick in the back seat, a bird flies into the car, you spill hot coffee in your lap, or a UFO barricades the road ahead with laser beams.

Just drive. Neither spiders nor aliens are likely to hurt you as badly as a head-on collision.

But once you’re safely at the side of the road, take lots of pictures. UFOs are a pretty big deal.

If the UFO appears to need body shop work for meteor damage or whatever, please send them to Auto Craft Collision Repair.